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After the War

• 16 April 1947: Rudolf Höss, former commander of Auschwitz, is hung in the camp. 
• 2 July 1947: Auschwitz I and II are turned into a museum. 
• 24 November - 22 December 1947: First Auschwitz trial in Krakow. Of the 41 war criminals facing justice, 23 receive the death sentence and 17 are sentenced to imprisonment. 
• 8 May 1950: Death sentence meted to Erich Bauer, ‘gas master' in Sobibor, in Berlin. His death penalty was later commuted into a life sentence. 
• 1952: Survivors of Auschwitz set up the International Auschwitz Committee. 
• 1956: The Dutch Auschwitz Committee is established.
• 11 April - 15 December 1961: The trial of Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem. 
• 20 December 1963 - 19 August 1965: Second Auschwitz trial in Frankfurt. 
• Between 1966 and 1981, several trials took place in Frankfurt against individual war criminals who were active in Auschwitz.
• 1971: Franz Stangl, former camp commander of Sobibor, dies in prison.    
• 1979: Auschwitz is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
• 1979: Josef Mengele, the notorious doctor of Auschwitz, dies in Brazil. 
• 1988: John Demjanjuk is sentenced to death in Israel for his crimes in Treblinka.
• 1993: John Demjanjuk is acquitted by the Supreme Court in Jerusalem, which declares that he is not 'Ivan the Terrible'. 
• 2011: In Munich Demjanjuk is sentenced to five years of prison for his crimes as a camp guard in Sobibor. Demjanjuk appeals to a higher court.