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• January 1942: Beginning of massive gassing of Jews in Auschwitz-Birkenau
• 20 January 1942: The Endlösung (final solution) to the Jewish question is discussed at the Wannsee conference in Berlin. 
• 30 March 1942: First transport of French Jews to Auschwitz. 
• March 1942: Sobibor becomes operational 
• May 1942: Attempt on Heydrich's life.
• July 1942: Beginning of deportation of Dutch Jews to Auschwitz. 
• July 1942: Beginning of deportation of Jews from Warsaw ghetto to extermination camp Treblinka
• October 1942: Himmler orders all German Jews to be deported to Auschwitz and Majdanek
• December 1942/January 1943: After the murder of 600,000 Jews, Belzec is dismantled, destroyed, and ploughed.

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