Nederlands Woordenlijst

National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands (NSB)

Under the influence of the Italian fascism and the German National Socialism, various extreme right wing parties were formed in the Netherlands. The NSB, which was founded in 1931 by Mussert and Van Geelkerken, would grow into the largest right wing party.

The party platform was based on that of the German NSDAP, except for the racial doctrine and anti-Semitism. By the time the NSB did become anti-Semitic, the support for the party had already dwindled. Everyday, verbal anti-Semitism did take place in the Netherlands, but the country was not a breeding ground for an explicitly anti-Semitic political party.

The NSB wanted a strong state with a strong leader that would deal with the problems. It had its own Weer Afdeling (WA). WA members formed a sort of assault team within the NSB. They were feared, hated, and despised. They often marched singing loudly through the streets. The NSB also published its own weekly newspaper Volk en Vaderland (People and Fatherland).


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National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands (NSB)
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