Nederlands Woordenlijst

Luchtbeschermingsdienst (LBD)

Air-raid Defence Service. The purpose of this service was to check in the evenings whether windows were covered up properly. This was to avoid illumination of light in order to prevent bombings by the Allied planes. On 1 July 1940, the Jewish members were released from duty by order of the German occupier. The members had to declare in writing that they were not Jewish: a precursor to the Aryan Declaration. This was the first anti-Jewish measure; people were unaware at the time of its consequences.


Landelijke Knokploegen (LKP)
Landelijke Organisatie voor Hulp aan Onderduikers (LO)
Lippmann-Rosenthal &Co (Liro)
Luchtbeschermingsdienst (LBD)