Nederlands Woordenlijst

Jewish Labour Camps

Labour camps in the Netherlands where unemployed Jewish men between 18 and 65 - and later also employed Jews - were put to work under the pretext of work expansion.

These labour camps, which were in Diever, Elsloo, Blesdijke, Vledder, Geesbrug, and Rouveen, were initially intended to accommodate unemployed people just for the sake of work. However, the German occupiers had other objectives in mind. They wanted to isolate any able-bodied Jewish men in order to prevent any possible uprising. On 2 October 1942, all workers at the labour camps were transferred to the Westerbork transit camp. Their family members were removed from their homes to join their husbands and fathers. A few days after arrival, nearly everyone (over 12,000 persons) was sent on to the extermination camps.


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