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As a result of a decree of the Catholic Church (the Third Lutheran Council) in 1179, Jews were required for the first time to live in separate quarters. Afterwards ghettos were established in various European countries, such as Portugal, Spain, The Holy Roman Empire (Germany), Italian states, and Poland. The name ghetto may have originated from the Venetian quarter Ghetto Nuovo, the name of an iron foundry. Jews were compelled to live in such quarters since 1516. The Netherlands never set up ghettos for Jews.

The ghettos disappeared gradually in the 19th century, but during the Nazi regime they we re-instituted. Initially, this occurred in Poland where most of the Nazi ghettos were separated from the rest of the city by walls and barbed wire and residents of the ghettos were not permitted to leave the ghetto. By setting up ghettos, the Nazis were able to control the Jewish population and to simplify their deportation to concentration and extermination camps.


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