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Fascism is a movement that started in 1900 in Italy. Fascists hold the state above the individual. They strive for full control over society, including all social and cultural organisations. Fascists believe in an authoritarian system headed by a leader whose word is the law. Other parties and political opposition are not tolerated.

Fascism in Germany was called National Socialism. Between 1933 and 1945 it promoted a gradual exclusion of certain population groups.
According to fascist ideology, European Jews and Sinti and Roma were unworthy of life. Other races that were considered inferior, such as the Slavic people, were regarded as slaves. People who followed other ideologies or deviated too much from what the Nazis considered acceptable were at risk of imprisonment, institutionalisation, or were sent to concentration camps. This system of oppression and systematic persecution lead to the extermination of millions of people through violence, hunger, and labour and to the Nazi genocide machine that murdered Jews and Sinti and Roma.

The genocide of Jews is called the Holocaust or Shoah


February Strike (Februaristaking)
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