Nederlands Woordenlijst


Forced labour in the Netherlands and in Germany. To compensate for the labour shortage in Germany that resulted from the large number of German men drafted for military service, forced labour was recruited from neighbouring countries. Between 1940 and 1944 about 387,000 Dutch men were forced to work in Germany, in many cases in the war industry. In the Netherlands, men were drafted for forced labour as well. During the final years of the occupation, the men were caught in raids and roundups.

In 1942 the Arbeitseinsatz was the ground for deporting Dutch Jews to Germany under the pretext that they would work at special labour camps under police supervision. However, most deported Jews were taken directly to extermination camps and murdered upon arrival. Others who were selected for work lived for short or long periods of time under unbearable conditions. Their fate was Vernichtung durch Arbeit (destruction through labour).


Anti-Jewish measures
Apeldoornse Bos
April-may strike
Aryan Declaration
Ashkenazi Jews
Aus der Fünten
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