Nederlands Exposition in Auschwitz Deportation

Westerbork Camp 1942-1944

Movie by Rudolf Breslauer

Rudolf Breslauer (1904-1944) was a German Jewish refugee who arrived in the Netherlands with his wife and three children. In January 1942, they were sent to Westerbork. Breslauer was a photographer. In Westerbork camp commander Gemmeker ordered him to film the daily life in the camp. In early 1944, Gemmeker gave him the assignment to make a movie about Westerbork. On 19 May 1944, he filmed the train that left for Auschwitz with 4523 Jews, Sinti and Roma.
In September 1944, Breslauer and his family were deported to Auschwitz via Theresienstadt. Rudolf Breslauer, his wife Bella Weissman and their two sons, Stephan and Mischa, were murdered in the gas chambers. Their daughter Ursula survived the camp.

Day to day living in Westerbork
Personal story: Stertzenbach, Van Reemst and Wagenaar
Fragment from the movie about camp Westerbork by Rudolf Breslauer.
Collection of the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision
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